China International Engineering introduced CHAENG’s φ4.2 × 13m cement mill

China International Engineering introduced CHAENG’s φ4.2 × 13m cement mill

Raw material: cement 

Capacity: 2500t/d

Main equipment: φ4.2×13m Cement mill (center drive)

Project in: China

Project background

China International Engineering Co., Ltd. is a listed company affiliated to the SASAC. It is currently one of the world's largest cement engineering system integration service providers. The company has an absolute advantage in the domestic cement equipment market, and its international market share reached 34% in 2008, ranking the world In the first place, he has made significant contributions in promoting the technological progress of China's cement industry.
CHAENG is a key domestic manufacturer of large-scale new dry process cement production line host equipment. In the research and production of cement ball mills, it solves the problem of similar products "the continuous operation of the shoe bushing due to the high temperature of the discharge end is too high".
The cooperation between China International Engineering Co., Ltd. and CHAENG can be said to be a strong alliance.

Project site

Cement ball mill equipment manufacturers

Operating situation

CHAENG's cement mill uses a central drive to achieve better production efficiency. The specific surface area of the cement produced by it is 3300 ~ 3800 cm² / g. The advantages of fast hydration reaction and fast strength development achieve satisfactory results.

The operation is good, and the produced cement has unparalleled advantages compared with other products.

Customer reviews

CHAENG has good management level, spacious and tidy workshops, and strong machining ability. We are very confident to cooperate with CHAENG.

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