Xinjiang Aksu Cement Plant introduced 12 cement mills

Xinjiang Aksu Cement Plant introduced 12 cement mills

Raw material: cement 

Capacity: 500t/d

Main equipment:  Φ4.2×13m×9 sets double-compartment cement mill, φ4.2×13m 3 sets cement mill

Project in: Aksu, Xinjiang

Project background

Aksu Cement Co., Ltd. is a leading cement production company in South Xinjiang, with a superior geographical location and convenient transportation. In recent years, the company has expanded the scale of cement production and has cooperated with CHAENG to introduce 9 Ercang cement mills and 3 ordinary cement mills.
People in the industry know that many of the two-cylinder ball mills used in many cement factories have many problems. The less grading of the second-cylinder is the obvious one. The CHAENG Φ4.2 × 13m two-cylinder cement mill has been optimized to design the classification. Good, this is also an important reason why Aksu Tianshan Duolang Cement Co., Ltd. bought 9 Ercang cement mills from our company at once.

Project site
Ball mill equipment
Operating situation

Since the installation and commissioning of Aksu Cement Co., Ltd., large-scale cement production has been on the right track, 11 equipments have reached production standards, and the failure rate is low. The annual economic profit created is very considerable.

Customer reviews

We are already old friends with CHAENG. The 11 cement mills purchased this time are of reliable quality and we are very satisfied.

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