Shanxi customers purchase CHAENG 3.5 × 54m kaolin rotary kiln

Shanxi customers purchase CHAENG 3.5 × 54m kaolin rotary kiln

Raw material: Kaolin

Capacity: 1000t/d

Main equipment: 3.5×54m kaolin rotary kiln

Project in: Shanxi

Project background

Coal-series kaolin is an important non-metallic mineral resource unique to China and has broad prospects for utilization. With the development of science and technology, the development and application of coal gangue materials have been paid more and more attention, and the application field of calcined kaolin will also be expanded, especially in the field of high and new technology, which makes it popular, plus Japan and Southeast Asian countries. All of them lack kaolin resources, which makes the kaolin industry have a great market and broad prospects. Coal series kaolin is a characteristic resource in China, and there is no foreign development experience to learn from. Therefore, its scientific research and development also have great challenges and potential.

Under such a large environment, the customer chose to cooperate with CHAENG in China to purchase a 3.5 × 54m kaolin rotary kiln.

Project site
Kaolin rotary kiln
rotary kiln cost
Operating situation
The operation is in good condition, which improves the economic benefits for customers!
Customer reviews
CHAENG is a good partner, and the equipment of CHAENG is high-quality equipment!

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