Xinjiang Cement Group purchases 3 sets rotary kilns from CHAENG

Xinjiang Cement Group purchases 3 sets rotary kilns from CHAENG

Raw material: cement 

Capacity: 2500t/d、5000t/d

Main equipment: Φ4.0×60m cement rotary kiln、2 sets Φ4.7×72m rotary kiln

Project in: Xinjiang

Project background

The production of the rotary kiln is already familiar to the company. Since 2003, the company has produced this type of equipment for many companies in Henan Mengdian, Chongqing, Luoyang and other provinces and cities. At present, these equipment are all The operation is better, which has created better economic benefits for customers, and has won the recognition of customers with facts.

This time, CHAENG has successively undertaken the production tasks of a rotary dry kiln with a daily output of 2,500 tons per day and two new dry process production lines with a daily output of 5,000 tons. Leaders of CHAENG attach great importance to it, and have held several meetings to actively communicate with Chengdu Building Materials Design Institute, the manufacturing supervision unit, through the use of advanced design concepts at home and abroad, to further innovate and optimize product design, and further improve the production process. , Continuously improve the quality and level of rotary kiln production, with good quality, faster delivery and thoughtful service won the Chengdu Building Materials Design Institute's full recognition.

Project site
Cement Rotary Kiln delivery
Operating situation
After being put into operation, the equipment is stable and reliable. Compared with the traditional shaft kiln production process, it has the advantages of low cost, energy saving and environmental protection.
Customer reviews

In the early stage, many rotary kiln manufacturers were inspected, but in the end, I chose to cooperate with CHAENG, because the sales team, technical team, after-sales team and other systematic services of CHAENG made us feel that the project was handed over to CHAENG. The same is true in fact.

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