Guangxi Huayan purchases φ4 × 60m rotary kiln

Guangxi Huayan purchases φ4 × 60m rotary kiln

Raw material: lime 

Capacity: 2 * 200,000 tons / year

Main equipment: 2 * φ4 × 60m rotary kiln

Project in: Guangxi

Project background

Guangxi Huayan and CHAENG signed a contract for an annual output of 400,000 tons of nano-calcium carbonate production line equipment. Its supply equipment mainly includes the φ4.0 × 60m lime rotary kiln, φ2.4 × 4.75m coal mill in the calcination section, 5000m² bag type dust collector, etc. This equipment is independently researched and manufactured by CHAENG, and provides guidance for installation and commissioning.

CHAENG has more than 60 years of experience in large-scale rotary kiln production, advanced manufacturing level, and perfect service attitude, which have won the trust of customers across the country. The φ4.8 × 60m rotary kiln has the characteristics of large production capacity, high degree of mechanization, simple maintenance and operation, and low ignition loss, which fully meets the requirements of energy saving, consumption reduction and environmental protection.

CHAENG can provide customers with various specifications of rotary kiln equipment with diameters ranging from 3.2 meters to 4.8 meters.

Project site
Lime rotary kiln manufacturers
Lime rotary kiln equipment manufacturers
Rotary kiln equipment
Operating situation
The project as a whole is running well.
Customer reviews

The CHAENG rotary kiln has made important contributions to the operation of the entire production line, and we are very satisfied.

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