Mengdian Group purchases CHAENG’s Φ4.8 × 70m rotary kiln

Mengdian Group purchases CHAENG’s Φ4.8 × 70m rotary kiln

Raw material: Cement clinker

Capacity: 5000t/d

Main equipment: Φ4.8×70m rotary kiln

Project in: Mengzhuang Town, Huixian City, Henan

Project background

Henan Mengdian Group Cement Co., Ltd. selected CHAENG Φ4.8 × 70m rotary kiln for 5000 t / d cement production line. CHAENG’s rotary kiln adopts domestic and foreign advanced technologies such as advanced hydraulic stop wheel device, high-precision metering plunger pump, high-precision speed regulating valve and contact graphite block sealing device through technical innovation at home and abroad. It is easy to operate, reliable to use, stabilizes the thermal engineering system, and improves the equipment operation rate. Compared with equipment of the same specification, the operation rate is increased by 10%, the output is increased by 5% -10%, and the heat consumption is reduced by 15%.

Project site
Cement rotary kiln equipment manufacturers
Operating situation

Stable operation, large production capacity and good stability. This project is an energy saving and emission reduction and comprehensive utilization of resources project, which is in full compliance with the national industrial policy, and is a project that the country strongly promotes and supports.

Customer reviews

Rotary kiln, it is right to choose CHAENG!

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