Guangdong 600,000 t/a slag plant / 1 million t/a cement plant main equipment

Guangdong 600,000 t/a slag plant / 1 million t/a cement plant main equipment

Raw material:slag/cement

Capacity:600,000 tons per year

Main equipment: GRMS46.41 slag vertical mill

Project in:Guangdong

Project background

with the development of circular economy, more and more cement companies have begun to rebuild and expand cement production lines. In 2012, Guangdong Building Materials Co., Ltd. purchased Xinxiang City Great Wall Machinery Co., Ltd. GRMS / GRMK46.41 cement vertical mill for use in an annual output of 600,000 tons of slag powder production line and an annual output of 1 million tons of cement production line.

600,000 t/a slag plant

The slag product produced by the vertical mill in Xinxiang Great Wall is of qualified quality and added to cement and concrete to enhance the acid resistance of the concrete and the ability of the bedroom to resist chloride. The durability of concrete. Adding a small amount of fine powder to the cement production line can improve the physical and chemical properties of cement or concrete, and at the same time enable the comprehensive utilization of waste slag resources. Later cement sales will increase again, obtaining good economic benefits and creating a pleasant environment. benefit.
The 46.41 vertical mill introduced by Guangdong Building Material Factory has realized one equipment to produce two products.

Project site
600,000 t/a slag plant
600,000 t/a slag plant
Operating situation

The equipment runs steadily, meets production and standards, has low system power consumption and high grinding efficiency.

Customer reviews

The Great Wall vertical mill has excellent quality!

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