Hainan annual output 1 million tons slag production line equipment

Hainan annual output 1 million tons slag production line equipment

Processing material: slag


Processing capacity: annual output of 1 million tons


Equipment configuration: GRMS53.41 slag vertical mill


Project area: Hainan Province


Project background

The owner of the project is a green building materials enterprise in Guangdong. This is the second time that a Guangdong customer has cooperated with the Great Wall of Xinxiang. The annual production capacity of 1 million tons of slag powder production line is its new project in Hainan. The Xinxiang Great Wall adapts to local conditions, rationally arranges the design and construction, and the entire production line is set up scientifically and rationally. The host uses the Xinxiang Great Wall GRMS53.41 slag vertical mill, which has significant energy saving and environmental protection effects.

slag production line

GRMS53.41 vertical mill has high degree of automation, reasonable design, and large processing capacity. The specific surface area of ​​the finely ground slag powder reached 4500c㎡ / g, which meets the national S95 mineral powder grade requirements. The quality of the finished mineral powder is stable and reliable. In addition, the Xinxiang Great Wall slag vertical mill has excellent equipment performance and an operation rate of more than 95%, reducing customer downtime losses.

Project site
slag production line
Operating situation

After commissioning, the GRMS53.41 slag vertical mill is running smoothly, with low energy consumption, and the specific surface area of ​​the finished product is ≥400㎡ / kg, which meets the output and meets customer expectations.

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