Sichuan 400000t/a limestone powder production line

Sichuan 400000t/a limestone powder production line

Raw material:  limestone

Capacity: 4000,000 tons annually

Main equipment: GRMR vertical mill+auxiliary machinery

Project in: Sichuan

Project background

With long exploitation history, limestone is the main raw material for making cement, lime and calcium carbide, and also the obbligato flux limestone in the metallurgical industry. After superfine grinding, the superior limestone can be widely used in makking power plant desulfurizer, concrete additive, rubber and so on.

As a professional grinding system integrated service provider, CHAENG can provide customer with advanced limestone powder production equipment integrated solution by virtue of advanced technology and rich EPC experience, to maximize the comprehensive utilization of limestone,and help customer gain better economic and environmental benefits.

vertical roller mill

Project site
Project site
vertical roller mill for limestone grinding
limestone grinding mill
limestone grinding

Technical advantages:

1.Advanced processing equipment: we use advanced vertical mill which is running well with low failure rate and can adapt to the tendency of industrial upsizing and greening.。

2.Lean design and diversified products: we use composite separator, the product fineness can be adjusted freely between 200-600㎡/kg, which can meet customers’ needs to produce different products;

3.Energy saving and environment protection: we use vertical mill with high grinding rate and low power consumption. During the whole production process, we install dust collector to reduce dust emission (≤20mg/Nm³), which conforms to national environmental protection requirements.

Operating situation

The following running condition will be reported through our official channels, please stay tuned.

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