Korea POSCO 300.000t/a ggbs plant

Korea POSCO 300.000t/a ggbs plant

Raw material:slag

Capacity:300,000t / a

Main equipment:GRMS33.31 slag vertical mill

Project in:Korea

Project background
Korea POSCO is one of the world's largest steel manufacturers, providing more than 26 million tons of steel products to users in more than 60 countries worldwide every year. At the same time, a large amount of industrial waste residues will also be discharged during production. The accumulation of these industrial waste residues,it is not only takes up a lot of land, but also causes certain environmental pollution. Therefore, the comprehensive utilization of these waste residues to achieve its reduction, recycling and harmlessness is very necessary for the sustainable development of the iron and steel industry.
The customer has searched for excellent vertical mill manufacturers worldwide, and he has negotiated and communicated with many domestic and foreign vertical mill equipment manufacturers. Finally, through field inspection and understanding, he chose to cooperate with chaeng and successfully signed the annual production in January 2018. 300,000 tons of slag powder production line project contract, the project has been officially put into operation.

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Project site
The main equipment of the project is GRMS33.31 slag vertical mill, which integrates grinding, powder selection, drying and conveying. It uses three grinding rollers, which has high grinding efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection at the same time; the roller bearings adopt thin oil circulation lubrication , Long service life; Low pressure of hydraulic operating system, low failure rate, safe and reliable use.

vertical mill
Main equipment:GRMS33.31

Delivery and installation

vertical mill parts
spare parts for vertical mill
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Process highlights
The project can meet the grinding of various materials. According to the specific needs of customers, chaeng adopts a new type of vertical mill mainframe optimized and upgraded, which can not only meet the current grinding of slag materials by Korea Posco, but also adapt to the grinding of other materials in the later iron and steel plant. Intimate service for enterprises to achieve sustainable development.

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Operating situation
The final production data of the project shows that the output of slag powder is 50-52t / h, the specific surface area is 430m² / kg, the overall operation is good, the various indicators are normal, and it fully meet the production requirements of customers. On the one hand, the finely ground slag powder will be used as ceramsite to improve soil on the one hand, thereby improving the yield and quality of crops, and on the other hand, it will be sold as a cement additive.
The cooperation with Korea POSCO has made chaeng another solid step in the international market, further expanding chaeng's position in the international market!
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