1.5 Million t/a Compound powder plant of Baosteel Group Corporation

1.5 Million t/a Compound powder plant of Baosteel Group Corporation

Raw material: slag, steel slag

Capacity: 110t / h slag powder, 50t / h steel slag powder

Main equipment: GRMS46.41 slag vertical mill, 3.2 × 13m steel slag ball mill + 14080-D roller press

Project in: Ningbo,Zhejiang

Project background

In 2013, in order to study the recycling of slag and waste gas in steel plants and achieve zero emissions from steel plants, Shanghai Baosteel wanted to build a national demonstration project from the aspects of slag powder quality, production technology, park construction, etc. After many investigations, it finally chose the chaeng as the general contractor of the project.

In April 2017, the first phase of the project was officially put into operation. This project successfully achieved the strategic goal of "zero emissions" in China's steel industry, which is set an example for the production of steel in high quality, high efficiency, low consumption, and environmentally friendly.

Project site
Steel Slag Vertical Mill
steel slag grinding plant
steel slag vertical mill
slag vertical mill
steel slag ball mill
steel slag line
steel slag powder line
steel slag mill
Operating situation
The project is completed and put into production, the equipment runs smoothly and the operating indicators are good. The output of fine slag powder reaches 110t / h and the specific surface area is 430m² / kg; the output of steel slag powder is 50t / h and the specific surface area is 500m² / kg, which fully meets the design requirements.
Customer reviews

"Chaeng vertical mill has high output, low energy consumption, good quality, advanced indicators and high cost performance."
"After the slag production line was put into operation, the steel slag of Ninggang achieved zero emissions with low cost and high efficiency."

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